1″ Crown Staples


Primary Applications: Lath, Insulation, Butt Joining, Sheathing and Roofing
1″  wide Crown
16 Gauge Galvanized Staples
Quantity: 10.000
For use with:
  • Senco PW, SPS, MW
  • Hitachi N3824A
  • duo-Fast KW-1748A, KWR-1748A and RS-1748A
  • Craftsman 18307
  • Grip-Rite GRPSWB150
  • Most other 1″ Wide Crown Staplers



How Crown Staples Can Make Your Life Simpler

Crown Staples. The very word implies the character and or nature of the object itself. Whether a loaf of bread, a glass of milk or the little tiny piece of metal holding your roof together, you know one thing for sure-you just can’t live without them.

They’ve made life easier, producers more productive and provided countless savings of labor hours and dollars to builders all over the world. They are inexpensive, accessible and accommodating in every application. Their maneuverability makes for easy application and their versatility makes them most desirable in the construction business, i.e., stucco

When precision and speed are needed, staples have indeed proven to be the “staple” of the pros and DIY’s of the world.

When taking on the task of roof construction or repair, builders usually install the shingles first to ensure the house is water tight and to prevent invasion by insects. The importance of the right crown staples is monumental and cannot be underestimated as felt paper is then applied through the shingles to hold the paper on the roof.

The crown  staples offers a sturdy and reliable quality in the construction industry being the only staple many builders will use. They know staples can damage the roof shingles and reduce their protective value against water leakage so, when applying stucco precedence. The crown staple also meets the demand required for building a stucco wall as they are applied every 6 inches both vertically and horizontally.

Crown staples are an integral part of every construction venture. Every structure must be constructed and protected to the uttermost using the knowledge and tools best for the job at hand.

Professional builders as well as the DIY’s have been choosing stucco for hundreds of years due to the sheer endurance and weather resistant qualities it offers. Combined with the state of the art products and their availability, anyone seeking to build or repair a stucco wall or building needs to familiarize themselves with the necessary accoutrements for a sound and reliable structure.

When applying stucco, a heavy galvanized crown staple is standard practice when applying specially constructed products on corners and edges. Fastening the metal lath to the substrate is easily and most commonly accomplished using crown staples, a staple gun and compressor. These methods and products will prevent corrosion and will also save you time. Buy our crown staples!

Using crown staples may be the most important decision and profitable investment you make when taking on a stucco project.

Other consumables

Duct Tape , Vinyl Tape , Flashing Tape , EIFS Fasteners with Screws , Plastic Sheeting , Fiberglass Reinforcing Mesh, Window Masking Film


Additional information

Weight28 lbs
Dimensions10 × 7 × 4 in

1 inch, 1.25 inches