EPS Foam Adhesive


  • Use to attach EPS Foam Board and Shapes to substrates.
  • easy and fast to use.
  • • Yield (linear feet)
    — 1/4″ bead – 3200
    — 3/8″ bead – 1420
    • Density – 1.2-1.8 lbs./cu.ft.
    • R Value – 4.5 per inch thickness
    • Max. Service Temp for Cured Foam – 240ºF (116ºC)
    • Shelf Life – 18 months
    • Flame Spread – 15
    • Smoke Developed – 25

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    EIFS EPS Styrofoam Board Spray Foam Adhesive


    Beautiful buildings are made by top calibre engineers and architects who have broad understanding and advancement on their fields. These professionals know the different materials and procedures that can make their lives as well as those of their workers a lot easier. On top of that, they have an in-depth knowledge of the approved construction materials as set by the standards on the International Building Code (IBC). Among this is the use of nothing but the industrial-grade EIFS EPS Styrofoam board spray foam adhesive. This is why their works are not just beautiful but durable and reliable to stand the test of time.


    The EIFS EPS Styrofoam board spray foam adhesive is a type of adhesive that is approved to be used on Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS) and Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) insulation. This adhesive should be applied with the use of a spray gun or applicator to ensure the safety of the construction worker who is applying the adhesive. This adhesive may have chemicals that can risk the safety of the person applying the chemical. Using this tool will also save time as most adhesives are solidified and may require re-heating to be used on insulations like the EPS.


    Other uses of EIFS EPS Styrofoam Board Spray Foam Adhesive


    The use of EIFS EPS Styrofoam Board Spray Foam Adhesive usually depends on its configuration. There are adhesives that can be used on wood, concrete, and/or metal. There are also those that can be used on other types of insulations like the EIFS EPS Styrofoam Board Spray Foam Adhesive. This kind of adhesive is commonly used on foam insulations, which are prevalent on commercial and industrial buildings. This insulation is also applicable on some residential buildings and homes with more modern configuration and construction.


    Where to purchase the EIFS EPS Styrofoam Board Spray Foam Adhesive


    All construction materials are regulated by construction authorities using the International Building Code (IBC). This is why manufacturers of the said adhesive are required to subject their products to standard tests. Only those that pass the regulations are the only products that can be distributed in the market. These products will have a seal of approval or a QA Passed logo on them. They will be distributed by only those that the manufacturers have accredited to do so. The good thing about this is not only the assurance of the product’s quality. Quality assured products are supposed to meet the requirements they passed so if they don’t, buyers can claim refund ad/or replacement.


    Buying the EIFS EPS Styrofoam Board Spray Foam Adhesive from accredited construction products and firms is then the guarantee that every buyer has. This is the reason why every buyer or user should only get construction materials and supplies as important as the EIFS EPS Styrofoam Board Spray Foam Adhesive from only the known providers. These providers are in a list of the manufacturer’s business partners, which may be available on their sites.






    Additional information

    Weight2 lbs
    Dimensions3 × 3 × 12 in