OLFA Snap Off Blades


  • OLFA Box Cuter Knife Snap off Blades
  • 8 snap off sections per blade.
  • Ultra Max Series is 25% sharper than the Heavy Duty series
  • 2 blade sizes to choose from
  • 2 series to choose from
  • choose from 5 pack, 10 pack, 20 pack or 50 pack
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EIFS OLFA Box Cuter Knife Snap off Blades

Are you looking for a heavy-duty blade replacement for your cuter knife? If your job involves foam cutting, your best choice is the EIFS OLFA box cuter knife snap off blades. This is one of the most popular blades used by skilled construction workers. This blade is designed to cut foam, fast and easy. It can also cut other materials like rubber and plastic. EIFS OLFA box cuter knife snap off blades is a tool used in exterior insulation and finish system because it can cut accurately with or without guided lines.

There are other kinds of cuter knife blades in the market with high quality and can last for a long time. If you want to try other kinds, you must know their capacity and you should determine the quality of the product. If you have no idea on how to select the best cuter knife blade, you can go to the store and ask for assistance. Through the guidance of the store personnel, you will be able to decide and choose the good cuter knife blade. The best thing you can do is to test the ability of the blades.

How to Choose Best Cuter Knife Blades

When choosing cuter knife blade you must consider the quality of the blades. The following are good quality of a blade:

  • A good quality blade is durable and capable for long time use.
  • Cannot be easily broken.
  • Can cut items easily.
  • Can provide safety to user.

How to Care Cuter Blades

It is essential to maintain your tools after using, just like the cuter blade. Doing so will prevent stains from forming. If left unmaintained for long, these stains will eventually attract unwanted elements and rusts will eventually form. As you know, there are times that you will use the cuter blade for cutting wet materials so these things can possibly happen.

Where to Buy EIFS OLFA Box Cuter Knife Snap Off Blades

EIFS OLFA box cuter knife snap off blades are available in different stores, so you can go to your town’s leading stores and look for your needed cuter knife blades. You can also purchase it online. Many online stores offer this kind of cuter knife blades.

If your job involves exterior insulation and finish system construction, you really should have the EIFS OLFA box cuter knife snap off blades because it will make your task fast and easy. You can work with confidence because it performs better, allowing you to accurately cut different construction materials in no time. Aside from that, you can accomplish more tasks.

If you prefer to purchase the EIFS OLFA box cuter knife snap off blades online, make sure you do so from reputable stores. This is an assurance that you are buying a quality products and not just any imitation of the blades that you are really looking for. Also, this will guarantee that you will get the product you paid for—even shipped to your chosen address.

Additional information

Weight.5 lbs
Dimensions5 × 1 × .5 in

1" x 5.5", 11/16" x 4.25"


Heavy Duty, Ultra Max

Pack Size

5 Pack, 10 Pack, 20 Pack, 50 Pack