EIFS Starter Strip


  • Use at the bottom of your EIFS system to ensure wrap around and a sturdy bottom
  • Allow pre based part to hang 3/4 inch past the substrate
  • Pre-Based bottom for quick and easy install.
  • Sold by the piece.
  • 8 foot lengths
  • 8 inches tall
  • lightweight polymer-modified-acrylic-based flexible cementitious coating embedded with a fiberglass mesh.



EIFS Starter Strip

After the hard days of work, it is nice to come and take rest to your very own house. It is as if giving you peace in mind while sitting at your sofa or at your balcony. Having top quality materials to build this house is simply the best reason to have a sound sleep every night. Aside from the roof, the construction for a good wall is another important feature in your house. To have a strong means, come rain or storm, there I nothing that can destroy your house and even your family.

But if you do not have your dream house today, then you have to be particular especially in the construction of your wall. Good to know that the good technology have produced a perfect material to support your wall. And EIFS starter strip is the product that you can trust. Before you start with the wall project, do you know what an EIFS starter strip is?

The EIFS starter strip or also called as sidingis a good example of an edge or shelf support that is primarily used at sill plate, and the wall’s base. It is not actually at the bottom of the wall, it is simply on its edge. It is being applied to these walls to protect this against the harmful, effects of weather. Aside from that, it is used to shed water. Some of the company have manufactured this said product having a drip edge or drainage holes. The drip edge of the said material serves as the channel of moisture away from the foundation or wall. While some manufacturers, their product does not have hole to shed water. With this, it paves way to the beautification as well as the preservation of the structure of your house.

This material is made from acrylic-based-polymer-modified cementitious coating. This is just lightweight and durable, making it easy to install. There were already some of these materials that come in different colors. These colors will really match your wall’s color. The availability of the said material is already in made available on builders or hardware supply.

The attributes:

  • Helps you to save cooling and heat cost.
  • It is made to fit the exterior surfaces.
  • It offers protection from impact damage and dents as layer insulation was being added.
  • Its function last longer and preserves the real beauty of the structure.

There are standards in the application or installation of EIFS starter strip. It should be follow the EIFS standard procedure especially in installing it to your wall. Fasteners were used to fasten the material to the edge of the wall. It should be mechanically attached or fastened to substrate smooth curves or in straight lines of the wall.

To preserve your wall, aesthetically, you should engage yourself in purchasing not just the one that comes in affordable price but also it is reasonably good when it comes to quality. The durability of the material to be used in your house is important. So, for durable material for your wall project, you trust the EIFS starter strip for this.


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1 inch, 1.5 inches, 2 inches