Bucket Scoops


 1. Bucket Dipper Series                        2.  Scoop Blade Series

Galvanized steel construction.                     6″ wide x 9″ long

Scoop mud directly on hawk.                       High Quality Curved Stainless Steel.

Bucket handing clip.                                      Fits 3 & 5 Gallon Buckets.

18oz, 32oz or 40oz options                          Allows for Complete Bucket Clean Out.

3. Plastic Scoop Series                         4. Shovel Scoop Series

9 inches long.                                                8 inches long.

44 ounce capacity.                                       6-1/2 inches wide.

6 inch diameter.                                           5-1/2 inches tall.

Larger handle opening.                              64 ounce.





EIFS Stucco Bucket Scoop Dipper Tool

It is really impossible to fetch or carry liquids with your bare hand. Good to know that the ancient civilization have discovered ways on how they can store or carry these liquids with the aid of a vessel or a container. And later on, as technology continue to update, one thing to another and a construction-grade bucket is eventually manufactured.

Aside from buckets that are being used inside the house, there are also other types or kinds that are built for specific work types. This includes the stucco bucket that is basically designed for construction sites. This particular bucket is used not just to carry liquids but also to carry cement mixture. It is highly durable as it is made from high-grade materials. And when there is a bucket, there should be a dipper. Perhaps, you have already heard about the EIFS stucco bucket scoop dipper tool?

The EIFS stucco bucket scoop dipper tool is just one of various bucket tools that are being used for stucco, mixing cement and concrete. This tool may come with holes or plain, depending on application. This tool is designed to scoop mud coming from the hawk or the trowel. This tool is also good for transferring materials such as for plaster and mortar. For easy grip of the tool, some manufacturers have come up with a wooden or soft grip handle together with clip. This clip or hanger can serve an important function and that is storing the dipper. This enables a user to hang the EIFS stucco bucket scoop dipper tool whenever it is to be stored. For longer lasting dipper, choose one that is made from galvanized steel.

People who are working in a construction sites can conveniently work using this tool. It is because EIFS stucco bucket scoop dipper tool aids them in carrying liquid or mixture to different parts of a building thereby cutting time and effort. Aside from the fact that they are strictly following a time frame to finish the job, they really need to finish the application quickly before it gets hard. That is why with this EIFS stucco bucket scoop dipper tool, their stucco or EIFS project can be done quickly.

It will be very hard for someone to start working on his or her work without or lacking the necessary tools. Well, this cannot be avoided sometimes but can be reduced by making a checklist of the tools that need to be at the right place at the right time. And try not to forget about the small details, like the bucket and the EIFS stucco bucket scoop dipper tool. These seemingly unimportant tools can actually save you time and energy, so make sure you have them in the construction site.

And don’t just settle for just any kind of EIFS stucco bucket scoop dipper tool; make sure you have the best kind. Choose from those that are approved by construction standard setters. Ask your friendly hardware guy for recommendations.


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Bucket Dipper 18oz, Bucket Dipper 32oz, Bucket Dipper 40oz, Scoop Blade, Plastic Scoop 44oz, Shovel Scoop 64oz