Plastic Floats


  • Ruff it up and hit the wall.
  • This is a nice light weight well balanced float with a nice tear drop handle.
  • #7 Texture Float.
  • Flat neck handle with textured tear drop grip makes this a versatile and comfortable handle for floating at any angle
  • ABS Plastic Blade for the BEST texturing of EIFS Finishes #7
  • Blade is made of durable ABS plastic for long wear
  • Mounting permanently to the blade
  • Bottom of blade is smooth so it will not mark the surface while troweling
  • Won’t rust or corrode, easy to clean
  • Good Feel, Great Sound, Nice Texture!




EIFS Stucco Finish Plastic Floats

The EIFS Stucco Finish Plastic Floats history had been used for almost so many years in a particular country in the world. It is an exterior wall covering light weight, durable, flexible and it adds saving energy protection on the wall. The lining can be formed to make easy architectural fine points. There is a huge choice of texture finish and a colour system.

The reinforced lamina over the protection makes a face-sealed structure. It doesn’t require weather or a moistness wall behind them due to face-sealed layer. Doors, windows and other objects do pass thru the exterior barrier. With a proper sealant and flashing at those diffusions effectively protect the whole assembly from water exterior penetrations. All the gears of EIFSlike EIFS Stucco Finish Plastic Floats are also an environment friendly and user. All the paste and the liquid materials are all water-based.

The chemistry offers a vapour penetrable, breathable external that will allow minor water in an exterior assembly wall to make it easily dry out. If an architect or the owner requested a water-resistive barrier or they may ask by a code at the back of EIFS, there are several, try and tested drainage to choose from. The LCR or Light Commercial and Residential manufacture that is naturally uses wood sheathing and framing. Some are designed for a commercial construction that normally uses steel farming with a based cement casing.

EIFS Stucco Finish Plastic Floats are a non-load exterior, bearing wall covering system that contains board insulation. It can be attached it’s either mechanically or adhesively, or they can be use both. The EIFS is first used on commercial building and homes later on. The EIFS Stucco Finish Plastic Floats usually contain of the following components:

  • It covers the substrate because of its optional water-resistive barrier
  • Between the drainage and the insulation board which is most usually achieved with a vertical ribbons of adhesive and applied all over the water-resistive
  • The insulation board is typically made of extended polystyrene which is fully secured with a mechanically and adhesive to the substrate
  • Reinforcing the glass-fiber mesh fixed in the coat base
  • To serve as a weather barricade a water-resistive base coat that is applied on the top of the insulation
  • To fully finish the coat the usual colourfast and the crack-resistant acrylic co-polymer technology is used

EIFS Stucco Finish Plastic Floats in today’s generation is one of the most well-researched and tested claddings in the industry of construction. Some research conducted that the EIFS has legalized the best performing cladding. The EIFS has a full compliance with modern structure codes which highlight energy conservation with the use of continuous insulation and a nonstop air barrier.

These components are made into today’s EIFS merchandises to deliver a maximum reduced environment influence over the life of the construction, energy savings, and a well-improved indoor quality air. With the advantages of the EIFS come a nearly unlimited texture, colour, and decorative selections to improve control appeal and enjoyment of almost any home-based structure.


Additional information

Weight.5 lbs
Dimensions12 × 5 × 5 in