Stucco Sponge Floats


  • Use to float brown coat before painting or float cement finish.
  • Fine cell plastic foam pad specially bonded to an aluminum backing plate
  • Wears well and does an excellent job on any sand surface
  • Wood Handle
  • Different sizes available
  • Sponge color is correlated to the density of the sponge. green is fine, red is med, and black is course.



EIFS Stucco Finish Sponge Floats Advantage

Exterior Insulation and Finishing System or EIFS is a kind of building wall shield structure that provides external walls with a protective finished surface. It is also a form of waterproofing through the combination of compound construction materials.

Some may not understand what EIFS Stucco Finish Sponge Floats are. They are usually attached to the exterior wall face with the use of industrial-strength adhesive. An adhesive is a kind of cement sometimes called acrylic based. It is used to attach compounds to cement boards, gypsum boards, or concrete substrates. The EIFS Stucco Finish Sponge Floats are made of poly-foam texture plastic which is an extremely fine and even, giving a clean surface for stucco.

It is a tool used by carpenters to fully finish some rough walls and make it more beautiful. It is one of the main tools in constructing a house, building, and so many more. Without this type of tool, it will take a long period of time before the wall is finished.

The advantage of this product is that it will help those carpenters out there to shorten their time at work. The use of the EIFS Stucco Finish Sponge Floats starts when the material has been placed in the forms, screeded and levelled. Finishing must not be delayed for too long as the concrete can harden soon enough for the coat to adjoin. Conversely, it is best to construct a house or a building when it is summer time or windy, so drying of finish is quicker.

Sponge floats are used for smoothing and levelling plaster. It is usually used with water brush to so as to reduce the stickiness of the plaster. Just like anything else, the sponge float has its own features, including:

  • Appropriate for textured and rough finishes
  • Soft polyurethane handle
  • Rubber sponge pad
  • It is strong and durable for a long lasting use
  • It is guaranteed with a high quality of materials

A sponge float gives a smooth finish to any concrete walls outside. It is normally done once the plaster is applied. You can use a water spray with a diffuser for even easier smooth out of the wall outside. But caution is necessary as spraying too much water may ruin the plaster. This can be fixed with light sanding that can be done once the plaster is finally dry. Make sure that the window is open and you are wearing a mask when you do this.

Every work is different from another. If you use the proper tool in plastering, it will be easier for you to finish the work. But if you do not use the proper tool, you will work for a very long period of time before you achieve your desired result. Therefore, having the right tools such as the EIFS Stucco Finish Sponge Floats is definitely a great idea. Get this finishing tool from leading hardware stores and providers. You can also go online and save on time and money.

Additional information

Weight.5 lbs
Dimensions12 × 5 × 5 in
Sponge color

Red, Green, Black


9.5 inches, 12 inches


4 inches, 5 inches

Spong Thickness

.5 inches, .75 inches, 1 inch