Foam Rasping Tool


  • 4 Series options PaperRasp, Rapid Rasp, DuraRasp & Tigerclaw
  • DuraRasp & Tigerclaw series feature carbine teeth.
  • Use on foam before applying base coat to flatten wall.
  • A must have for any EIFS Professional
  • 14 inches long
  • 4, 6, or 8 inch widths available
  • No paper needed for any series except the PaperRasp series
  • PaperRasp series comes with 3 sheets of 16 grit raping paper.
  • Find replacement paper here for the PaperRasp series



EIFS Stucco Foam Rasping Tool

You do not have to worry about the job that you have at hand because with the aid of your tools, it is sure that you can finish that easily. With the technology at hand, there were already lots of tools that were easy to operate. You do not have to exert all your force by doing your task. But no matter how advance the world today, there were still some job that you have to finish, manually. Taking for instance, beautifying your home having EIFS stucco project. With this kind of project, you will have to do some finishing job to your walls. And to have a fine textured finish to your walls, an EIFS stucco foam rasping tool will be the great tool to do that fine job. What is an EIFS stucco foam rasping tool?

EIFS stucco foam rasping tool is the perfect tool used before the base coat was applied. It is for the reason that it completely removes unwanted surface contaminants or the whole EPS materials or the expanded polystyrene thing on the foam surface. After rasping the said surface, there will be no means for shadows being left or created on the wall. The removing this things will improve the surface for the entire adhesion that will be taking place. The foam wall will be smooth and is ready for the base coat application.

This rasp tool is amazingly made from aluminum, plastic and even steel. There were some of these tools that were made from tungsten grit rasp. From the common ways of gouging or scratching your foam walls with sand paper, these particular tools that are made from tungsten grit were said that have a greater aid in forming your smooth walls than that of using only sand paper. This amazing performance of EIFS stucco foam rasping tool is being tested by some professional contractors who were already experts in this field of work. While the aluminum, plastic and steel-made rasp tools have built in pierced teeth in it that works well for leaving no lines. Thus, it leaves a flat smooth surface to the foam. The rasping process may lead to some tiny bits of foam to spread on the workplace. Workplace ethics; clean these bits after you have finished your job.

These tools were made to have specific use. Others will just be using this for their EIFS stucco project, while others use it to mold things coming from the foam. Still some people prefer to use sand paper while others have some complains about using it. But it is worth a try to know which of these tools are greater to use.

It doesn’t matter of what type or kind of rasp tools that you will use to finish your project. The technology was the aid to create various things that suits to the demand of work. There were already dozens of these tools that you can purchase online. It is just a matter of choosing the suitable tool that you will need for a specific job. But if you are looking for a tool that will be great for your foam job, then EIFS stucco foam rasping tool is perfect for you

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4 inches, 6 inches, 8 inches


PaperRasp, Rapid Rasp, DuraRasp, Tigerclaw