• Edges have been smoothed and the corners rounded for convenience.
  • Wood or DuraSoft Handle Options
  • Sponge Rubber Callus Preventer
  • Marshalltown Brand
  • Made of Aluminum
  • Blade machined scored to control material



EIFS Stucco Hawk Hand Tool

A hawk hand tool is used as a tool to hold a messy, sticky material. In construction, it is used to hold coating mixture. This helps the user to apply the material on the surface with ease, using the appropriate tool. It is comprised of a flat surface and a handle that’s fixed centrally on the back of the plate. The handle is where the user holds the tool with its plate facing upward, which in turn holds the coating mixture.

A Hawk tool is very useful when plastering. It is used as a carrying plate for the plastering material. It is also essential in mixing and applying grout between the tile gaps as it doubles as a mixing plate for small amounts of compounds.

The features of the EIFS Stucco Hawk Hand Tool are:

  • It is made with heavy duty material
  • It is lightweight but it is durable
  • The edges are smooth and rounded
  • Its handle is wooden and it has a sponge callus preventer

When you decide to build a house or a building, using the EIFS Stucco Hawk Hand Tool is a very good choice. Your workers will truly have an easier day working on your exterior and insulation systems. This is especially true in plastering where a ton of patience and determination is necessary to finish the work for the day. Using the right tool will shorten the time in doing this work. So it is just fit and fair to have the EIFS Stucco Hawk Hand Tool handy in the construction site.

A hand tool like the EIFS Stucco Hawk Hand Tool is not a power tool but just the same, it helps make the lives of labor workers fast and easy. Besides, a hand tool is usually safer to use than that of a power tool. Sometimes, using hand tools even have more advantages. One of which is that you can use them without the help of energizing medium like electricity and the likes. Therefore, when there is no electricity, there will be no finished work. This means downtimes and a lot of wasted time.

The EIFS Stucco Hawk Hand Tool is a very wise decision so plan to buy one. With its durability and other features, it is truly a one of a kind hand tool. There are lots of companies out there that sell different kinds of hand tools, and this is just one of them. So when looking for it, make sure of the quality before looking at the price. Doing so is a lot more practical way of purchasing tools. Top quality Hawk Hand Tool products may be pricier but they last longer and stay in shape way much longer than low priced competitions. That way, you are saving so much more in the long run.

So if you are planning to build a house, make sure that your tools will truly help you. Get the EIFS stucco Hawk hand tool now either online or over the counter.








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10 inches, 12 inches, 13 inches, 13.5 inches, 14 inches


Wood, Durasoft