Hot Knife Blades


Heavy-Gauge Bendable Shaping Hot Wire — Ni-Chrome Wire

  • 3 pack 12 inches each
  • Shape Your Own Hot Wire Blades
  • Flexible and Strong
  • Designed to be Heated and Reheated Repeatedly

Note: Heated Wire expands when hot. If the spring is too tight the wire may break restricting operation of mechanism. If too loose, the cut will be sloppy. Readjustment of tension may be necessary from time to time.



EIFS Stucco Hot Knife Blades

Are you looking for a heavy duty blade for your hot knife? The EIFS stucco blade is the right choice. Your hot knife will be useless if your blade has no ability to cut things. As a builder you must know when to change the blade of your hot knife. If you notice that your blade is not sharp, you can change it and use the EIFS stucco hot knife blades. This hot knife blade will give you the best performance when you apply the exterior insulation and finish system in a building or house.

There are many kinds of hot knife blades in the market; some has good quality while some don’t. To be able to get the best hot knife blade, you must know its quality. It is essential that you have knowledge about the product for you to decide what to choose. If you want to purchase hot knife blade, it is recommended that you must conduct a research first. You can go to the market and look for the kinds of blade. Through researching, you can identify the quality of the product.

In the exterior insulation and finish system construction, the commonly use hot knife blades are those that have high quality and can be used on long term. One example for that is the EIFS stucco hot knife blades. Skilled workers and builders prefer this hot knife blade more due to several reasons, including these advantages:

  • Efficiency- EIFS stucco hot knife blades are more effective than any other types of blades.
  • Cost effective- the skilled worker can save big because there is no need to purchase again and again because these blades are durable and designed for long term use.
  • Peace of mind- skilled worker will do the job comfortably and conveniently because of its reliability and great performance.
  • Good partner- it cuts clearly and accurate. The blade can easily pass through the portion without sign of dust and beads.

When installing the exterior insulation and finish system, it is important that the builder is packed with complete tools and equipment in their bag. The accomplishment of the task is based on the performance of the builders as well as the tools used. If the tools have low quality, the task will be interrupted and the output is not good. So it is important that the tools used in EIFS are efficient and durable. And that one tool that can make your job easy is the EIFS stucco hot knife blades.

Surfing the internet will also help you to find the best hot knife blades. There are several online stores that provide this product and they give you their best services. If you prefer to shop from online stores, make sure to purchase from reputable ones. There are some online stores that provide poor quality in terms of service as well as the products. You can determine the best store according to the reviews of their products and services.


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Weight.1 lbs
Dimensions12 × .5 × .5 in