Magnesium Darbies


  •  Raised ridges on each side for extra strength.
  • Very popular and preferred by most plasterers.
  • Handle setup options.
  • Available one side serrated, two sides serrated or smooth on both edges
  • Built strong for perfect undercoats and proper flex
  • Lightweight magnesium darby is strong with raised ridges on each side for extra strength



EIFS Stucco Magnesium darbies

Are you looking for a durable construction tool, a plaster tool that will truly give you a satisfactory feeling because of the result? There are different kinds of plaster tools in town, but some of them are not as durable as the Magnesium darbies. But what are Magnesium darbies?

Magnesium darbies are used to smooth surface, leaving it free from bumps or craters. The result is a well levelled, smooth surface. Darbying or sometimes called bull floating must be done as soon as possible after the screeding. It can also be done immediately after the concrete has been tapped, if the tamping was already done. The procedure must be done immediately before the moisture excess shows or some bleed water starts appearing on the surface.

The purpose of darbying is to smooth ridges and fill spaces left by the screeding processes. It must be able to insert the rough aggregate into the screed to make finishing jobs easier. When using the tools, you must observe the appropriate distance between the darbies and concrete. Incorrect distance may cause sweltering or scaling of the screed. Use a bull float in areas that are too large, however it may produce a curvier surface.

Magnesium darbies are used to level the edges, fill the holes and smooth the exterior in preparation of troweling. Darbying can also be used to work in dry-shake colour hardener. Darbying shouldn’t close the exterior as it is very important to allow the water bleed out. A float also helps to level the surface just like darbies.

Magnesiumin darbies is made of chemical element in the group of boron. It is the third richest element in the Earth crust. It is a metal that is chemically sensitive. But it is unusual and limited. In fact, it is extremely decreasing these days. Making it into heavy-duty tools such as the darby or bull float, you can rest assured that they are satisfactory durable.

The EIFS Stucco Magnesium darbies are one of the best plaster tools in town. When you are planning to buy one of this you need to consider some things like:

  • Look for a top reinforcement ribbing that adds strength while prevents alteration
  • There are many kinds of floats: aluminium, magnesium, and fiberglass. They are all good when it comes in constructing a building or a home so choose wisely
  • Some float handles detachable so they can be replaced if it breaks or splits
  • The handle should be positioned in proper balance so that it will have a relaxed grip
  • Magnesium darbies are good options in producing slip-resistant or textured finish to smooth finished surface

EIFS Stucco Magnesium darbies are definitely the right tool to choose when levelling stucco mixtures because of its durability and other features. Using EIFS Stucco Magnesium darbies while working will help you finish your work within a short period of time. So don’t take chances. When it comes to levelling tools, choose only the best—EIFS Stucco Magnesium darbies.

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42 inches, 48 inches

Handle Setup

Double Knob, Knob & Rail


Smooth, Single Serrated, Double Serrated