Margin Trowels


  • Marshalltown Brand
  • Forged from a single piece of highest grade tool steel.
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  • Wood or DuraSoft Handle options





Uses of EIFS Stucco Margin Trowel Hand Tool

Do you want to use a tool that is handy and durable? If you say yes, why not include the EIFS Stucco Margin Trowel Hand Tool in your house or building projects? You can use the margin trowel hand tool for fast and cleaner results. You have two options to choose from: a margin trowel hand tool wherein the handle is made of wood and an extendable hand trowel.

The EIFS Stucco Margin Trowel Hand Tool that has a wooden handle is made of flexible spring. It has a narrow and convenient design which allows you to use it easily even in tight areas. The handle is made of hardwood to make it even stronger when used. The carbon steel is well polished and fully ground so that you can use it without hassle. It is strongly pounded in order to polish your work smoothly.

The other kind of EIFS Stucco Margin Trowel Hand Tool is the extendable hand trowel where in the steel is made of a long-lasting and durable Steel while the handle is made of construction grade rubber. This hand tool will save you from back aches because of the telescopic handle of the trowel that can help you reach up and down. You can save your time and money because of the extendable trowel that can easily reach within 5 gallon containers of the roofing cement, stucco, mortar, thin set and tar. The extension is really great and helpful especially if you are working in an area that is hard to reach. This Telescopic Trowel has its great capabilities in keeping you safe while working and in accomplishing your work fast.

The wooden hand trowel and the extendable trowel hand tools are both very useful most especially to the carpenters who are constructing or building houses, buildings and establishments. This tool is good for smoothening cements on the ceilings and walls. Trowels can also be used by the gardeners or even by farmers. This hand tool is also useful for the cultivation or for digging of the soil that surrounds the plant. This hand tool is also useful for removing the weeds in the garden.

EIFS Stucco Margin Trowel Hand Tool can really be used in multiple purposes. This is not only for carpenters but can also be used by gardeners and farmers. Trowels will greatly help you in accomplishing your job easily. The handles are really made smooth and durable for a more convenient use. The EIFS Stucco Margin Trowel is very helpful for a fast and easy job. You will always be at ease while using this hand tool because of its durability. You don’t have to pound it before using because it is already well grounded so that your work will not be affected. It really works well even when you are working on hard areas or surfaces.

For a safer use of the EIFS Stucco Margin Trowel Hand Tool, always make sure that it is always clean after using. Don’t keep your tool when it is still wet and dirty because it will surely get stains.


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5 inches, 6 inches, 8 inches


1.5 inches, 2 inches


Wood, DuraSoft