Bucket Brushes


  • Bristles made of white tampico fiber.
  • Great for cleaning hawks and trowels.
  • Ideal for broadcasting release for decorative concrete applications.
  • Two series available, Masonry Dash and Utility Scrub Brush.
  • Utility Scrub Brush series available in 20″ and 8″ lengths.
  • Made from high quality material.
  • Long lasting.



What is EIFS Stucco Plastering Brushes?

Do you want to create a more textured and smooth wall? You just have to make use of the EIFS Stucco Plastering Brush in order to create a desirable wall. If your wall is well plastered, it will attract and absorb the dirt and dust in the air because of its porous element. You can make the surfaces of your wall flattened and smooth through plastering it with the use of either a trowel or a plastering brush.

The EIFS Stucco Plastering Brushes is commonly used by most of the carpenter who builds houses, buildings and others. The process of plastering the wall goes through a process most especially if the owner of the house for example wants a wall that can be smoothly painted with attractive artworks. Carpenters would probably use a soft-bristled kind of plastering brush most especially if following a textured pattern for the wall. And if you want to create designs on your wall like circle, you can make use of the thick-bristled brush in order for you to create circles on your wall. In creating circles, you just have to move it around in order to revolution circles. The cement used for plastering must create unique looks after.

EIFS Stucco Plastering Brushes is very useful for those who wants to restructured their walls and turn into a more attractive. Plastering brushes are used in order to make the interior and exterior walls of your house or your office look fresh again. Brush plasters are coloured cement that is coated widely on the walls. This is also applied on the walls that needs to mottled and needs to be refreshing and beautiful.

EIFS Stucco Plastering Brushes enables carpenters to create beautiful paintings or art works in your walls. The use of the plastering brushes makes your wall look newly painted again because of the careful structuring of it. Plastering brushes enables your wall to have a stronger foundation because of the chemical instilled on it and because of the elements that enables wall to be tougher.

In restructuring your wall, you should make sure that you have chosen the best brush plasters so that your wall will last for a long a period of time. Make sure that you have chosen the brush plaster that does not easily deteriorate and do not easily fade when wet with water. Also, make sure that it is eco-friendly so that it will not affect your health since it contains elements and chemicals.

If you want to make your wall smooth and have good texture you can make use of the EIFS Stucco Plastering Brushes. The process will just be easier if you know how to apply it correctly and you know how to make good artworks that is appealing to the eyes. Always choose the colour that is lively and pleasing to eyes. If you are not yet skilled when it comes to the use of this Plastering Brushes, you can ask help to an expert person who is skilled enough to add more life to your wall. EIFS Stucco Plastering Brushes


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Utility Scrub Brush 8" length, Utility Scrub Brush 20" length, Masonry Brush