Pointing Trowels


  • DuraSoft Handle
  • Marshalltown Brand
  • Tempered steel blade is fully ground and polished
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How to Use the EIFS Stucco Pointing Trowel

Have you tried to use a Pointing Trowel to flatten out the finishing coat of your wall? If not, the EIFS Stucco Pointing Trowel is very useful when working on drywall tapes and construction compounds. If you can use the Pointing Trowel properly, your work will surely result to a more professional looking, seamless wall.

Tips for effective use of the EIFS Stucco Pointing Trowel

  1. Put on asmooth application of the drywall compound or mud on the corners of your wall. You can start working from the top corner to the bottom. The joint compound should be applied smoothly onto the wall corners.
  2. Measure the wall’s length and then cut an accurate piece of the drywall tape with the length of your wall.
  3. Fold your drywall tape half-wise along the ridge or seam. Then apply the tape onto the wall. Make sure that it is fitted well onto the corner of your wall. The stucco will hold the tape in place.
  4. Get your EIFS stucco Pointing Trowel and hold it comfortably. Make sure that the edge is pointing directly onto the corner of the wall. Insert the Pointing Trowel on the corner of the wall. You can start on the top part, troweling that length of the wall. Apply moderate pressure in order to smoothly flatten the drywall tape you applied. Moderate pressure is also needed in order to remove the unwanted elements under the tape.
  5. Install the joining compound and the drywall tape for rough pumps or patches. The entire area should be smooth. You can reapply the EIFS stucco Pointing Trowel if you noticed that there are imperfections on the corner. You can also reapply the drywall tape and compound if necessary. Usually, it will take several strokes in order to get the desired smoothness of your wall—depending on your skill. You can scrape off all unwanted compounds or imperfections.

The EIFS Stucco Pointing Trowel is very beneficial if you want to make the corners of your wall really smooth and flat. Although you need to repeatedly apply the compound and the drywall tapes, eventually get your desired wall texture. You just have to make sure that you use the appropriate tool for this job. You should make sure that you have utilized the appropriate and right tools that will help you ensure that your drywall projects will be done easier and with good results. Surely, you will just get disappointed with your work if you were not able to achieve your desired look om the corners of your wall.

With the EIFS stucco Pointing Trowel, the corners of your wall will surely be smooth and flat because it is the perfect tool for the job. There will be no rocky and rough texture on the corners of your wall although these things will also depend on how good you are on the task. Find this tool from reliable hardware stores near you or online, where everything seems to be found.

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