Sand Paper for Rasps


  • Adhesive Back Adheres to Most Style Rasp Plates
  • Available in 25 yd. rolls or 12 pack Kits
  • High Quality Rasp Paper
  • Quick and easy to install.
  • 16 Grit
  • Dark red in color.
  • Sheets are 14 inches long
  • Rasping tools also available here



EIFS Stucco Sand Paper Rasp Roll

During part years in industry, workers have used various hand tools that aid them in doing their job especially in masonry. One of the tools that they have is the sand paper. It is used to smooth a particular surface that they were working on it. Wooden furniture was the best examples that sand paper was the tool behind the smooth surface. Although years have already passed but still the trend of using this sand paper was never forgotten.

Today, with the modern technology’s aid, improvement was done among the various materials or tools that the industry was all using. Not to ignore the sand the paper because there were already variations made for this product. If you are looking for a tool that will aid you in your sanding job, the EIFS Stucco Sand Paper Rasp Roll I the newest product in town. You will have a nice flow of work especially if you have this tool with you. But before anything else, what is a EIFS Stucco Sand Paper Rasp Roll?

The EIFS Stucco Sand Paper Rasp Roll is used ideally for smoothing and sanding purposes. It is also used for finishing in between surface coatings, fillers, and on plasters. Aside from that it this tool is suitable for EIFS stucco projects, it is also used for cleaning commonly on woods, metal and on the edge of pipes. Some manufacturers have made this tool from the fine to medium grit materials such as:

Silicon carbide – is the combination of carbon and silicon. This was being manufactured to be used as an abrasive and to create sand paper. It is also called as the carborundum.

Aluminum oxide – this compound chemical formula comes from oxygen and aluminum. With the hardness and strength feature of this chemical it is used as an abrasive to make sand paper.

Some manufacturers have already produced similar products of it not in tools but rather made to be strips of sand paper. Well, it is for the purpose of doing your very own rasping board. On the flat surface of it, these strips of sand paper is being pasted. But today, there were already made rasp board or tool that has its sand paper. There were also some who have created sponge sand paper and the EIFS Stucco Sand Paper Rasp Roll. These convenient sand paper rolls have now a partner clamp tool. All you to do are to slide inside the clamp the sand paper roll, making it easier to use the both sides of the sand paper.

Together with flexible fiber and amazing abrasive technology, this product will surely give you extraordinary results. Whether the sand paper comes in strips or in rolls, the quality of the work that you can have is still the same. You do not have to worry about the smoothing, sanding or the finishing job that you will be working on. With this excellent EIFS Stucco Sand Paper Rasp Roll, you will be guaranteed to have excellent results.







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Pack of 12 sheets, Roll of 25 yards


4 inches, 6 inches, 8 inches