Marshalltown Trowels


  • Flat blade makes applications easier with more consistent finish
  • Highest grade hardened and tempered stainless steel blade, properly shaped and fastened with stainless steel rivets
  • Withstands pressure of hard troweling
  • Curved DuraSoft® handle Option available.
  • Broken-in shape eliminates line and ripple marks right from the start
  • PermaShape® guarantees trowel will maintain original flat shape
  • Aluminum alloy mounting is lightweight but very strong



EIFS Stucco Marshalltown Trowel Hand Tool

A Marshalltown Trowel hand tool is a kind of tool with a scoop-shaped metal blade, pointed and a handle. It is used in breaking up an object, digging small holes especially in planting and in weeding. Sometimes used in mixing a fertilizer or other additives and to transfer the plants in another pot.

It is quite similar to a gardening hand Marshalltown Trowel, but it is naturally designed in digging cat holes in the back country. The Marshalltown Trowels are used by camper, back packers and the hikers. They are often made with a lightweight material than the gardening tools to carry them easier.

They also have features of a ruled side to measure the proper edges for cutting thru roots or frozen soil. Some Marshalltown Trowels are also made to fold-up or fall into a smaller size for an easier storage. A float Marshalltown Trowel or the finishing Marshalltown Trowel is typically rectangular, it is used to smooth the surface, texture the top layer and the level.

EIFS Stucco Marshalltown Trowel Hand Tool is made by a particular company to help people out there especially construction workers to finish their work on time without a hassle time. With proper guidelines on how to use the EIFS Stucco Marshalltown Trowel Hand Tool it is just a piece of cake for them. There are different types of Marshalltown Trowel hand tool like the following:

  • Flooring Marshalltown Trowel
  • Gauging Marshalltown Trowel
  • Pool Marshalltown Trowel
  • Float Marshalltown Trowel
  • Margin Marshalltown Trowel
  • Notched Marshalltown Trowel
  • Masonry Marshalltown Trowel
  • Truck pointing Marshalltown Trowel

You can choose from any of these they are all an option if you want to construct a house.

The Marshalltown Trowel hand toolis one of the many hand tools in town. There are lots of powered tools in today’s generation with the use of electricity. But some craftsman preferred to use a hand tool because it is much safe to use than a powered tool.

A flat-bladed hand tool for spreading, levelling, or shaping substances like cement or a mortar. A small size implement with a pointed, scoop-shaped blade used for digging like in setting plants. To totally spread, form, scoop with a Marshalltown Trowel and smooth. EIFS Stucco Marshalltown Trowel Hand Tool is a hand tool which is flat metal blade that attached to its handle used for spreading or scooping plaster or like materials.

According to some user of this product, the EIFS Stucco Marshalltown Trowel Hand Tool is amazing. They like it much than the other hand tool. It is safe than the other hand tool especially powered tools. With a proper guideline on how to use it, it is much easier to do the work and it will lessen the time.

In planning to build a house or you want to buy a hand tool, try now the EIFS Stucco Marshalltown Trowel Hand Tool. This will definitely help you and provide you the best results you are looking for. Search now in the market to have this wonderful product.

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10.5 inches, 11 inches, 11.5 inches, 12 inches, 13 inches, 14 inches, 16 inches, 20 inches


4 inches, 4.5 inches, 4.75 inches, 5 inches


Wood, Durasoft


Broken in Permashape SS, Flat Golden Permashape SS, Golden Stainless Steel, Bright Stainless Steel, Duraflex Stainless Steel