EPS foam Board


  • Use as the Base of EIFS Systems
  • 1 lb density Expanded Polystyrene foam
  • EPS foam provides optimum cost value when compared to other rigid foam insulations of the same R-value design.
  • Available from 1/2″ to 6″ thick.
  • Fast & easy to install.
  • Lightweight
  • 2 ‘ x 4’ sheets. Choose thickness  below.

Sold by the bag only. 8 bag min. order


Minimum Purchase Amount:
  • Minimum quantity required for this product: 8



EPS EIFS Styrofoam Board Sheets

The EPS or expanded polystyrene board is one of the considerations for home insulations. It is a famous well-chosen for insulation of home that is accessible for numerous supply stores for home improvements. But before you decide what type of home insulations you should review and discover what the essential types for your home insulations are. Basically, you should know what useful purpose of EPS EIFS Styrofoam board sheets is that is one of polystyrene board which is great for home insulation solution.

Fundamentals of EPS EIFS Styrofoam Board Sheets

  • The EPS or expanded polystyrene board is the greatest multifunctional part of EIFS.
  • It is made from synthetic foam material which is commonly used for home insulation.
  • It is comes with appearance of a board foam. This home insulation material, is very light-weight and its installation is very easy.
  • This is great compare with other kinds of Styrofoam board sheets installation that is reliable insulator anti-sound and heat.
  • It can be recycled.
  • It can be also be used as material for landfills after it wasted.
  • When the EPS is burned, it produces less harmful effect to the environment compare with any types of insulation plastic and paper materials.
  • The EPS EIFS Styrofoam board sheets are best uses for installation of insulation basement.
  • It can also be used for exterior walls cladding and ceiling installations.
  • It also helps to prevent stucco walls from cracking. It removes one of the source causes of cracking of stucco walls.

Whereas, base from the fact that the EPS EIFS Styrofoam board sheets are non-biodegradable, it is consider as a downside of the product. All people are aware of the effects of non-biodegradable product in the environment it is not recommended to use. However, the truth that is one of the best insulation materials for your home which approve by professionals.

The EPS EIFS Styrofoam board sheets installation has guides to be followed. Using of screws and nails as fasteners are not applicable to fasten the insulation. You must think of a best ideas and techniques for the attachment of EPS. The reason is it will affect the connected beads of the EPS. It will lessen the usefulness of EPS in your complete home insulation. The beast way to attach the EPS EIFS Styrofoam board sheet is to use an adhesive composition for the attachment on the wall.

Aside from the said above, EPS EIFS Styrofoam board sheets installation must not put direct covering on topmost of it. There should be inches gap from Styrofoam sheet and wall covering when it is install as wall basement. It lets the EPS EIFS Styrofoam board sheets installation to gain the useful effects as needed.

The EPS EIFS Styrofoam board sheets are real help for home insulation. The application of this product is very useful to the homeowners. This is one of the main and basis tool for home insulation basement to have great home constructions. But the most importantly is the importance of the process of installation. The guide must be follow throughout the installation. The EPS EIFS Styrofoam board sheet is perfect considerable materials that belong to the wall construction for your home insulation.

Additional information

Weight20 lbs
Dimensions48 × 24 × 18 in

1/2" (36 per bag), 3/4" (24 per bag), 1" (18 per bag), 1.5" (12 per bag), 2" (9 per bag), 2.5 (7 per bag), 3" (6 per bag), 4" (5 per bag), 5" (4 per bag), 6" (3 per bag)