Flashing Tape


  • Silver polymer film is coated with an aggressive PowerBond™ adhesive system to adhere in temperatures as low as 25°F
  • Advanced tape system bonds to all common window and building materials for a watertight seal
  • Prevents water, air, insect and noise infiltration to prevent the potential of mold or mildew formation
  • Self-seals around punctures, nails and mechanical fasteners
  • Easy to remove release liner for quick installation
  • May be left exposed for 180 days
  • The PowerBond™ adhesive will not crack or dry-out

Sold By Case Only, 5 case min. Mix N Match sizes

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    • Minimum quantity required for this product: 5


    • Peel and seal around doors and windows.

    • 25 mil. flashing tape self seal.

    • Sold by the case

    • 5 case min order (Mix N Match)


    Flashing Tape


    Flashing tape is a well know product in the stucco industry. It is used by every professional homebuilder and has a variety of uses. It is known for its ability to adhere to surfaces without the use of nails or screws. It is waterproof, helps to filter noise levels, and protects against UV rays for a minimum of six months after being applied. These are just a few of the standard uses of flashing tape. Flashing tape comes in many forms to accommodate the housing industry.

    One of the other many forms of flashing tape is for windows doors, joints, seams and other openings. Its ability to withstand cold temperatures is remarkable. Flashing tape prevents water damage around the seams and joints of the window frame. It can be applied directly over nails and screws and adheres great. It is intended to be covered by stucco or EIFS on a house.

    The benefits of flashing tape are unlimited and are a must have on every construction job. It comes in different size rolls and is easily applied. It is durable and will last for the life of the home in most cases. This product has made the industries job much easier and cost effective. Homes are lasting longer because of the effectiveness of this product. It prevents many problems with water damage to the external features of the home. Water damage to the exterior of a home is almost a thing of the past. When this product is applied properly it will prevent water damage and make the exterior construction of your home last a lifetime.

    One of the other great qualities of flashing tape is that it helps to eliminate air leaks in a home. These air leaks can occur at any joint or opening but are most common around doors and windows. Flashing tape helps to prevent those cold drafts that are found in older homes. This helps with energy conservation and therefore helps to lower your electrical bill.

    Flashing tape is also very beneficial in preventing water leaks. It will prevent those window and door casings in your home from rotting away in years to come. Preventing water leaks is a must in any home to keep repairs to a minimum. These repairs can be very costly and very preventable with the use of flashing tape.

    Flashing tape is a standard among professional home builders today. This is one product that has made their job much easier and efficient. Without this product other means of water and wind prevention would have to be used. The durability of this product is very clear. All you have to do is look at older homes that were constructed prior to the use of flashing tape and the home that were constructed with the use of flashing tape. Homes that are constructed with flashing tape are lasting much longer and water damage and those drafts from cold air are almost obsolete.

    Additional information

    Weight1 lbs
    Dimensions10 × 10 × 10 in

    4" x 100' (9 rolls per case), 6" x 100' (6 rolls per case), 9" x 100' (4 rolls per case), 12" x 100' (3 rolls per case)