Stucco Casing Bead


  • Use at top, around doors and windows of Stucco systems
  • Will not rust
  • 8 foot lenth
  • Weep hole option for water drainage at the bottom of the casing bead.
  • Width should be thickness of your stucco system
  • PVC material conforming to ASTM standards D1784, C1063 and D4216-99

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Galvanized Metal Vinyl Stucco Casing Bead


There are a lot of things to uncover in constructing both a residential or commercial building. This is why engineers and architects need to pass national as well as international board examinations before they can actually practice their profession. Governing bodies and authorities need to know that they are capable to assume their jobs and maintain standards. Those things are necessary in ensuring the safety of the public. This is basically the primary purpose of the International Building Code (IBC). It is the bible of construction experts, regulating the use of construction materials and procedures, including the tiniest details like the use of galvanized metal vinyl stucco casing bead.


A stucco casing bead may be made from metal, galvanized iron, PVC, and anodized aluminium. As to which of these materials to use depends on the structure or the area they will be used on. The design of the casing also varies. There are angled and three walled. The style of the flange and nose also differs. There are mesh type, the solid metal type and beaded type. Any of these casing beads may be used in construction as long as they comply with the present regulations on the IBC. To know if a material passed the strict standards of construction governing bodies, look for the logo that says QA PASS. This means the product passed the quality assurance of authorities.


A galvanized metal vinyl stucco casing bead functions as reinforcement in construction, specifically for building lath. A lath may appear like a mesh or wide structure with beads and is also used as a reinforcement and structure where the stucco coating is applied. The casing bead, on the other hand, is also concealed, along with the other details of the construction, through applying stucco and plaster. These things are basic in the construction of roofing systems, door systems, and other horizontal and vertical arisses. They are installed before the stucco and plaster, which goes right before the roof. On walls, the galvanized metal vinyl stucco casing bead is installed on top of the lath. In this case, the stucco and the plaster are applied on the lath and the casing bead.


Other functions for galvanized metal vinyl stucco casing bead


Aside from installation of the shingles and the roof of either a residential or commercial building, the stucco casing bead may also be used on downspouts of the gutter, widows, planters and retaining walls. In these cases, the casing bead works as reinforcement for the cinder blocks or clay bricks, adobe and/or concrete. The coat or stucco is applied on the surface of the casing bead and then the plaster follows. If tiles are to be used, then an industrial strength adhesive would be used in place of the plaster. In between the tiles, another adhesive which doubles as sealant is applied. This is called grout. The only thing that can ensure the durability of all the superficial construction materials over time is the galvanized metal vinyl stucco casing bead.

Additional information

Weight1 lbs
Dimensions96 × 1 × 1 in

3/8", 1/2", 5/8", 3/4", 7/8"


1 1/4", 1 3/4"

Weep Holes in Bottom?

Yes, No