EIFS Drip Edge


  • Use at the top of windows and doors in EIFS systems for more protection against  water intrusion
  • Will not rust
  • 8 foot length
  • PVC material conforming to ASTM standards D1784, C1063 and D4216-99

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Galvanized Metal-vinyl Stucco EIFS Drip Edge

Are you looking for a piece of trim that can lead the water to the house’s gutters? Drip edge could be the best choice you could have. Preferably, galvanized metal-vinyl stucco EIFS drip edge is the finest option.

What is a galvanized metal-vinyl stucco EIFS drip edge?

This is a drip edge made of robust metal best suit to install on stucco EIFS roofs or walls. A drip edge is a roof trim that serves as the pathway of water going to the gutter. It assures the water to be in the place where it is supposed to go as it is already drained from the roof. There are houses that drip edge installation is not applicable because of the different roof’s designs. But for some houses or buildings, it is essential to have.

Typically, the roof should have an overhang that serves as the way of water to be in the gutter. If the edge of the roof is very near to the wall’s edge, the water will coat up the sides of the house and might reach the inside trim, walls and flashing. It can be resulted to extreme problems. Drip edge is the solution to this.

Is it possible to install a drip edge on a fixed roof?

Ideally, installation of galvanized metal-vinyl stucco EIFS drip edge is possible to add if there is roof replacement. However, if you really want to attach a drip edge on a roof that exists, it could also be possible. It needs a careful plan on how it will be inserted so that it will limit to have serious damages.

Special features of a drip edge

A good drip edge can fit beneath the roofing. It should be adjustable to provide effective water dripping leading to the gutters.

Drip edge can be either plastic or metal. But the most suitable is the metal drip edge. Preferably, use galvanized metal-vinyl stucco EIFS drip edge which is the most appropriate for stucco EIFS roofs.

It is easy to buy because there are lots of home supply stores, hardware, companies that offer the product.

Important steps on Galvanized Metal-vinyl Stucco EIFS Drip Edge installation

  1. Prepare and get measurements
  2. The first and basic is to prepare it well. First is cleaning up the dirt and rubbish on your roof. Get the measurement of your roof-outer edges. This is to identify how many drip edge you will need.
  3. Cutting the correct drip edge length
  4. Cut the correct measurement of the drip edge length through the use of metal snip.
  5. Begin with your Galvanized Metal-vinyl Stucco EIFS Drip Edge
  6. Begin the installation process at the bottom edge of the roof. Continue your work up to the top portion. Do the shingle lifting and sliding the upper flange of the drip edge below. Nail the edge of every foot. Drive up the nail through the drip edge to the surface of the roof. Fix the shingles into its original place.
  7. Joints overlapping
  8. Start working the next length with the overlapping joint. Overlap the end of the Galvanized Metal-vinyl Stucco EIFS Drip Edge with the lower edge over by the upper edge. This is to make a joint that will create a water way that will lead the flowing to pass over the joint. Repeat the procedure until you laid the metal drip edge on all the roof edges. Even on the side, front or back

Drip edge installation is quite a risky job. There are people who are afraid of heights (acrophobia). If you are suffering the same, you should hire expert contractor to install drip edge at home. You should ask them to install galvanized metal-vinyl stucco EIFS drip edge and let them clean the gutters carefully. This is to ensure the usefulness of the drip edge.


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