Grip-Rite GRST1200 Staple Gun


Grip-Rite GRST1200 Pneumatic crown staple gun Includes:
• Belt hook
• Carrying case
• Safety glasses
• Hex wrenches
• Tool oil
• Male coupler

Grip-Rite GRST1200 Features:
• Uses 16 gauge staples, 1″ crown, 3/4″ to 2″ leg
• Lightweight, durable magnesium housing
• Tool-free depth adjustment
• Rotating belt hook
• Staple capacity – 150
• 360° tool-free exhaust
• Fast and easy top load
• Tool-free nose latch for quick jam clearing
• Staple reload indicator
• On-board hex wrench storage

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 Grip-Rite GRST1200 Specifications:
• Firing Mode: Bump Fire (sequential kit included)
• Magazine Capacity: 150
• Operating Pressure: 70-120 PSI
• Fastener Type: 16 Gauge 1″ Crown Staples
• Fastener Range: 3/4″ – 2″
• Collation: Adhesive
• Size: 10.0″H x 14.8″L x 3.2″W
• Tool Weight: 4.85 lbs.

Grip-Rite GRST1200 Pneumatic crown staple gun

An Grip-Rite GRST1200 Pneumatic crown staple gun or pneumatic staple gun is a bonding tool powered by compressed air. It is gun-like equipment that has a trigger and a cartridge. While it helps masons work quickly, here are some things you should know more about an air powered staple gun:

  • Compared to common electrical staplers, pneumatic staplers provide higher performance level. Since air powered guns allow workers to work easily and accurately, workers who use these kind of staple guns consume less time stapling construction materials together.
  • Since air powered guns are operated with compressed air and not on the concept of electrical energy, it does not require electricity to have it powered on. Thus saving precious wattage of electricity. Pneumatic staple guns are powered by a turbine system.
  • Pneumatic staple gun provides workers convenient tool when combining construction materials.
  • Grip-Rite GRST1200 Pneumatic crown staple gun are durable, thus these tools require less maintenance.
  • It is easier to repair air powered staple guns. Electric staple guns have complicated sequences of wires that are very hard to follow during repair.
  • Since a pneumatic staple gun is powered by air, it cost less to operate.

Though the Grip-Rite GRST1200 Pneumatic crown staple gun has advantage over the common staple gun, it also has drawbacks including:

  • It requires air compressors. Air compressors are attached to the staple gun thus making it heavy. Despite the portability of air powered staple gun, bulky air compressors hinder mobility of the staple gun.
  • Pneumatic staple gun demands for stricter, safer applications. For a standard use of the air powered staple gun, the compressed air should be coupled by an accurate hosing system. Failure to operate the hose can pose damage on the tool and danger on the workers.
  • Grip-Rite GRST1200 Pneumatic crown staple gun produces irritating noise. This aggravating noise may pose danger to the human ear. It can also cause hazard to the feet and toes.
  • It requires large amount of oil to have Grip-Rite GRST1200 Pneumatic crown staple guns fabricated.

For safety reasons and best results, purchasing and using an Grip-Rite GRST1200 Pneumatic crown staple gun should comply with the following safety guidelines:

  • Always review the user’s manual. It includes everything there is to know about the tool.
  • In purchasing this staple gun, have the seller make a demonstration.
  • Wear safety glasses at all times. Wear ear protection too to prevent hearing damage due to the aggravating noise this tool generates. Wear safety boots for feet protection, too.
  • Do not press the trigger unless necessary.
  • Do not attempt to play with the staple gun.
  • Disconnect it after use.
  • Secure the hosing system when building scaffolds.

When thinking of purchasing an Grip-Rite GRST1200 Pneumatic crown staple gun or recommending one to construction workers, ensure that you clearly know all the details of this equipment. It is worth having this Grip-Rite GRST1200 Pneumatic crown staple gun as long as you know and follow all the safety guidelines.




Additional information

Weight6 lbs
Dimensions15 × 5 × 12 in