Masking Tape


  • Professional Grade Masking Tape
  • Widths 1.5″, 1″, or  2″ x 60YDS
  • Removes cleanly with no residue
  • Does not cause surface damage
  • Applies quickly and easily
  • Easy to use – comes off the roll easily

Sold By Case Only, 2 case min Mix N Match Tapes

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  • Professional Grade Masking Tape
  • 1.5″, 1″, or 2″ x 60YDS
  • Sold by the case
  • 2 case min per order (Mix N Match Tapes)


Masking Tape

Painters use paints as their primary material. Apart from these, they also make use of many other materials that help them give the right finishing to a great extent. Materials or props like Masking tapes are those adhesive tapes which are pressure sensitive and easy to use. They are sticky on one side and are available in various widths and can be bought based on the requirement and the area that needs to be covered. Masking tapes are used especially during painting and are pasted on the area that needs no painting. Sometimes it also helps bring out patterns of various kinds on the wall with paints. It is equally easy to be plucked from the wall surface as it does not leave behind any of the residues. It is partially, or selective adhesive on the wall and is easy to remove, if required. Masking tapes are available in varied lengths and widths as well. The tape of the least width measures about 1” and is called 1″ masking tape. The medium sized one is the 1.5″ masking tape and the largest available is the 2″ masking tape. There are also variants based on the length of the tape. These tapes are reasonably priced, and can be used for commercial as well as domestic purposes. The process of sticking is easy, and the process of plucking is as easy as the former. Household use requires masking tapes of lesser strength while commercial hoarding might require those of high width and length as well as adhesiveness if the surface of the wall is not fine and finished. The difference between these three kinds of masking tape is the width of it. 2″ masking tape 1″ masking tape or 1.5″ masking tape can be chosen based on the gap that needs to be given or the area that needs to be left without any painting. The ultimate result of painting using this in between is that one can end up getting very fine lines and strokes of paint without broken lines and messed up edges. Even an amateur can paint the whole of his house without any technical support as this is just the right way of painting a wall. Target sites can be left uncovered, and the remaining regions can simply be masked by this tape. After the process is complete, one can simply remove it without making any difference on the surface of the wall where adhesion was used. .

Additional information

Weight1 lbs
Dimensions10 × 10 × 10 in

1 inch (36 rolls per case), 1.5" (24 rolls per case), 2" (24 rolls per case)