Metal Stucco Fasteners


  • Used to fasten lath to the substrate in stucco systems.
  • Unique 1-1/4″ round plate design with the outside circumference beveled down.
  • Round shape design evenly distributes bearing load without any sharp edges or corners minimizing damage to facer or insulation.
  • Seated plate has zero profile and will not catch the edge of a trowel.
  • Galvalumne coated for superior corrosion resistance.
  • Screws not included.

Sold the case 500 fasteners per case 




    Metal Stucco Fasteners with Screws

    Every construction requires different yet proper equipment to use. It is important to select the proper equipment to have right result of construction. The use of fasteners with screws is mostly needed in construction. As constructor you should know the use of this. You should also know the important use of metal stucco fasteners with screws.

    The metal stucco fastener with screws is a type of fastener nails with screws. It is designed to use in the right and suitable applications only. This is hardware equipment that automatically fixes or joins two or more objects jointly. It can be used in closing a container like box or bag. But the metal stucco fasteners with screws produce a lasting bond. It is designed with various sizes and shapes.

    The use of metal stucco fasteners with screws is for you to have no difficulties particularly in process of installing it in a wood or any other which require the use of metal stucco fasteners with screws. This will ensuring the installation is in proper way and the application is done safely and correctly. The metal stucco fasteners with screws is specially designed to knock its own loops into a pre-drilled opening in a different support materials such as brick, block, wood and concrete.

    The metal stucco fastener with screws is made up of quality materials. This is easy to install, greater pull-out fight and sturdy holding standards. The screws are great help instead of utilizing nails, you just use metal stucco fasteners with screws. The screws of it also big help when you install weep screed on the surface that is hard.

    The metal stucco fastener with screws is intended to use for securing contact position on any kinds of masonry surface. It might need pre-drilled holes. The installation of metal stucco fastener with screws is common in lath. This equipment is sturdy to bear important weights. It tight the bonds between surfaces that is close-fitted.

    The metal stucco fastener with screws is important because it is made purposely in machinery components require it for holding together or for tightening of components from the vehicles. This is widely used in the industries which require assembling or building manufacturers such as automation and infrastructure.

    When utilizing metal stucco fastener with screws or any other equipment, you must be careful and know the safety procedures. You should have guide to help you do the right application of the equipment that intended to apply. You must use equipment that is applicable in the construction. This is important to avoid trouble and accidents during constructions. These are for your own safety and protections.

    The choice of metal fastener must good quality and pick up the right without hassle when utilizing it during construction. Choose the equipment that can fixed simple and can long last. Different metal fasteners with screws are already introducing in the market place today specifying its purpose. But you only have to select the quality metal fasteners with screws for your easy application like metal stucco fasteners with screws that suits the needs of equipment.

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    Weight28 lbs
    Dimensions10 × 7 × 4 in

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