Keystones & Medallions


  • Use to spice up the look of your stucco or EIFS.
  • Pre-Based for quick and easy install.
  • Just install and add finish on top.
  • Sold by the piece.
  • See Installation instructions below in the description tab.
  • lightweight polymer-modified-acrylic-based flexible cementitious coating embedded with a fiberglass mesh.



Installation for Pre based EIFS Stucco Keystone Medallion

1. Apply Base Coat to the back of the moulding in a vertical pattern, using 3/8″

notched trowel.

2. Press the moulding into place. use temporary mechanical fastener if needed.

3. Remove excess adhesive (if any) along the moulding before curing.

4. Allow 24 hours to cure.

5. Add 4″ fiberglass mesh bridging the seam between the trim and the wall, 1/2 on the trim 1/2 on the wall.

6. allow 24 hours to cure.

7. Float finish on top.

Pre based EIFS Stucco Keystone Medallion

The magnificent edifices that you can see around the world stand out on their unique architectural designs. The walls are mainly applied with EIFS and stucco system which is intended for effective drainage system. The architectural designs add beauty to the entire building. The mesmerizing appeal is truly undeniable; if you want a house with this exemplary appeal you can design it with the latest pre based EIFS stucco keystone medallion. What is keystone? Keystone-one of the architectural components entails to crown the peak of vault or arch. The brackets are used as weight-bearing support for structural system with decorative elements and styles. It is also a type of stone used for building construction. It is also identified as the head stones among other architectural stones.   Primary use:

  • To lock the parts of arches and curves being used in supporting ceilings or roofs.
  • It allows the arch or vault in bearing weight.
  • It is mainly use for churches and other historical heritage

An old keystone can be perished through vibration-bald arch What is a medallion? Generally, medallion can be distinguished as flat, round and small metal cut. This is mostly stamped, cast, struck being designed with artistic works. In architecture, its primary use is to create the central point on a house or building. Mostly, it is applied on blank space area that is made without ventilation and window screens. Every medallion has different sizes and styles depending on your choice. Most of the styles are inspired during early centuries that continue to be patronized by the people. In the modern times, there are still lots of buildings being built inspired by the keystone and medallion craft designs. Many of them are already applying pre based EIFS stucco keystone medallion. If you want to build a house that is safe from moisture that can be trapped within the covering, you should install stucco EIFS . This can be more admirable with the touch of architectural designs including keystone and medallion. Changes may occur over time but the influence of early architectural designs and system will never fade. Most of the beautiful places are visited due to their undying beauty of structures. Historical structures are one of the evidences that traditional designs exist. If you want your own structure with a unique building design you must start planning on how to have a pre based EIFS stucco keystone medallion. It could be one of the beautiful views around neighbourhood yet you will be feeling free of the common problems with the moist that can be trapped and later on it can cause wall damages. How to have pre based EIFS stucco keystone medallion house?

  1. Plan-The best thing you can do is to plan. It includes the following:
  1. Resources-this involves money, materials for construction (making of stucco or EIFS , supply of keystone and medallion)
  2. Manpower-you cannot do the structure alone. You will need skilled people to do construction and other matters involving the progress of your house.
  1. Hire for an architect or contractor-They are the best people that can help you to have your dream house. You can work with them and discuss what you want.
  2. Look for best companies-these companies should be trusted for their quality keystone and medallion products.

Providing yourself with the best house or building is no longer a big deal. You can utilize beautiful architectural designs on your stucco EIFS house through installing of pre based EIFS stucco keystone medallion.

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Single Keystone, Double Keystone


8 inches, 10 inches, 12 inches


2 inches, 3 inches, 4 inches