Corner Quoins


  • Use to spice up the look of your stucco or EIFS.
  • Pre-Based for quick and easy install.
  • Just install and add finish on top.
  • Sold by the piece.
  • See Installation instructions below in the description tab.
  • lightweight polymer-modified-acrylic-based flexible cementitious coating embedded with a fiberglass mesh.



Installation for Pre Based EIFS Stucco Square Corner Quoins

1. Apply Base Coat to the back of the moulding in a vertical pattern, using 3/8″

notched trowel.

2. Press the moulding into place. use temporary mechanical fastener if needed.

3. Remove excess adhesive (if any) along the moulding before curing.

4. Allow 24 hours to cure.

5. Add 4″ fiberglass mesh bridging the seam between the trim and the wall, 1/2 on the trim 1/2 on the wall.

6. allow 24 hours to cure.

7. Float finish on top.

Pre Based EIFS Stucco Square Corner Quoins

The new generation is in marvel as they see some of the old structure across the world. Generally, these are the historical churches made in the ancient time. You may wonder how these structures are able to remain standing despite of several destructions (man-made or natural causes). As the world becomes progressive, a lot of effective architectural techniques exist. It includes the Pre based EIFS stucco square corner quoins. Quoins as defined are example of blocks for masonry that are used on the wall’s corner. They are mainly use to have a strong wall that is made with substandard rubble or stone. It is also applied for the corner’s feature that can create a permanent strength and impression and reinforce the observant sense to the presence of structure. The stone quoins use on buildings made of bricks and stone. The brick quoins on brick buildings usually appear with a uniform cut of blocks that is larger than the size of bricks. Quoins are applied for decoration purposes and not to add additional load on the building.

  • How much does it cost?
  • How to find good company for installation?
  • Quoins can be made of different materials such as:
  • What are square corner quoins?


  1. Stone or concrete
  2. Bricks
  3. Stucco
  4. Cement render
  5. Timber extended

In some places, most of the buildings are already using pre based EIFS stucco square corner quoins. This is mostly applicable to have a more attractive but moist free type of house or buildings. EIFS and stucco are known with their ability to weather barriers and how much more if you have square corner coins? Pre based EIFS stucco square corner quoins has the assurance to provide you with a good structure against moisture and a strong house structure. There are construction companies that can offer you with about $9-10 per square foot for EIFS stucco installation. If you would include the quoins materials it may range to $7.50 per square feet. $4.50 for the cost of materials and $3.00 per square feet is for the labour. It is very simple to find good company that can install quoins in your house. It must offer the possible advantages such as:

  1. Quality but inexpensive
  2. Quick installation process
  3. No need for paint

You should ask the company if they can provide you these advantages in your home plans. There are several options you can choose on the materials made from square corner quoins and it includes the following:

  1. Quoins granite and sandstone
  2. Quoins granite
  3. Stone face quoins
  4. Stick on key stone
  5. Key stone-stick on
  6. Stick on quoins chamfered
  7. Square Quoins with equal side edged
  8. Square edged stick on quoins
  9. Square edged quoins-stick on

Providing your house with a pre based EIFS stucco square corner quoins needs you a wiser plan to work. This structural system requires expert people on the installation including the right choice for quoins. Some problems may occur if there is error made on the installation phase. It will be more advisable to hire a contractor that is expert in this field and can provide you with quality pre based EIFS stucco square corner quoins that could exist over years.

Additional information


Square Edge, Beveled Edge, Stacked 8' tall with Beveled Edges

Quoin Width

12 inches, 16 inches, 18 inches

Quoin Height

12 inches, 16 inches, 18 inches

Quoin Thickness

1 inch, 1.5 inches, 2 inches