Flat Window & Door Trim


  • Use to spice up the look of your stucco or EIFS.
  • Pre-Based for quick and easy install.
  • Just install and add finish on top.
  • Sold by the piece.
  • 8 Foot lengths.
  • See Installation instructions below in the description tab.
  • lightweight polymer-modified-acrylic-based flexible cementitious coating embedded with a fiberglass mesh.



Installation for pre based eifs stucco window door trim

1. Apply Base Coat to the back of the moulding in a vertical pattern, using 3/8″

notched trowel.

2. Press the moulding into place. use temporary mechanical fastener if needed.

3. Remove excess adhesive (if any) along the moulding before curing.

4. Allow 24 hours to cure.

5. Add 4″ fiberglass mesh bridging the seam between the trim and the wall, 1/2 on the trim 1/2 on the wall.

6. allow 24 hours to cure.

7. Float finish on top.

Pre Based EIFS Stucco Window Door Trim

If you are looking for something that will make your house and buildings a unique one then you must try pre based eifs stucco window door trim. It is the latest way for you to have the best eifs ever in your life. This is your chance to get a very luxurious looks of your windows that leave unforgettable impression to all the people who will see it. The stucco mouldings are the one that you can trust and help if you want a full transformation of your house and buildings. They are the right one to approach for you to have the best style of windows. The great things with pre based eifs stucco window door trim areyou willsave your money as well as your time. The reasons for this are stucco moulding have the most beautiful designs that adds attraction into your house. Beside from the wonderful designs that you will get from stucco products, the maintenance fee will not be as expensive as the other kinds of decoration. Your ideal designs that will satisfy you and enhance the looks of your house are very possible in the stucco mouldings. Easy installation of pre based eifs stucco window door trim is the most amazing experience that will surely like from the stucco mouldings. They have products that fit to your taste and can use to create a stunning modern, contemporary and classic design only to give you the best decoration that you deserve. The decoration can use in stone, stucco or brick exterior. This is the most exciting thing that you will surely enjoy for the reason it can give you a very brilliant look of your house. Pre based eifs stucco window door trim can become so impressively if the one who are going to install it is professional and has the knowledge on how to install it properly and accurately. So you must look for the one who are skilful and able to do it very well. With that you will become satisfied with the result or the outcome of the installation. You will also assure that the money you paid for the installer and for the product will not be wasting. In that you will get the full satisfaction to the good output of the decorations of your house. Good decorations of windows and doors add great effects to your house. It will make your house so attractive and can get admiration to others. it is also an accomplishment if the house where you are living have a wonderful construction. From this you will feel so relax every time you will go home and have some rest. However you have to be wise if you want to achieve your aspire house. You must examine all the products that you will buy for you to have a great result. The quality of the materials must be good to ensure that it will last and give you the benefits that you wish to achieve. So for those who want great moulding you must try pre based eifs stucco window door trim if you want best decorations of windows and doors.    

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1 inch, 1.5 inches, 2 inches


4 inches, 6 inches, 8 inches, 10 inches, 12 inches