Scaffolding Access Ladder


Scaffolding Access Ladder

3 foot or 6 foot options

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Scaffolding Access Ladder

Are you working on your housing project and you need to go up to repair the leaking roof? The common ladder will do but if you want for maximum protection, there is only one tool that will complete the job. Have you heard of a scaffolding access ladder?

Scaffolding access ladder or also known as staging is a used to supporting and elevating people especially in construction sites. This is designed to help these people similarly the construction workers to move around the site being constructed to minimize any risk of injuries and other damage to site. This temporary structure has been ever since used during the ancient times and the effectiveness was still the same. Good know that with the advance technology that we have, the materials being used for this ladder was of the finest and heavy duty.

The scaffolding access ladder is composed basically of couplers, tubes and boards. Couplers are the one that holds the other tubes together. The putlog couplers, the right-angel couplers and the swivel couplers were the three basic type of it. While the sleeve couplers are used to joined spigots or end to end joint pins. The tubes are made from either aluminium or steel. But if the weight is to be considered, aluminium is the best choice for the tube to be used. It comes in different standard diameter and length that will be used for the scaffolding access ladder.

And the boards are the ones to be providing the surface for users to do their work. Woods were the common ones to be used to be the board. There series of standards those other countries have set up to ensure safety in the construction site. This scaffolding is usually seen in construction sites of huge buildings and or renovations and maintenance is made to huge cathedrals and other establishments.

The design of this particular structure for today follows standards. It is to secure of course its heavy duty performance and as well the safety for the workers who will be using this. There are general designs that are being adapted and specific materials to be used. Well, the standards are being set to meet the safety needs of the workers in the construction site.

The benefits of using this scaffolding were:

  • Accessibility. This amazing ladder allows workers to work and gain an easy access to areas that are hard to reach especially to those on the higher walls of a building or to the ceiling.
  • Safety. This access ladder lessens the risk of injuries or falls for workers. It also helps this people to maintain balance all the time especially working on heights.
  • Positioning. This scaffolding perfectly positions every worker direct to the area that they will be working on. Stability for workers is what this structure is being designed for.

Scaffolding access ladder provides workers the easy access to do their job even if it required them to work on heights. Using the right one on the construction will ensure safety and avoid any damage or injury at a particular construction site.


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