Scaffolding Clamps


  • Scaffolding Clamps
  • It Has 2 clamps with washer under bolt for easy non gauling pressure.
  • Drop forged coupler that works with all kind scaffolding.
  • 2 types to choose from, Swivel and Fixed
  • Fit 1 1/2″ to 1 7/8″ O D Tube. Weight for this clamp is 4 Lbs.



Scaffolding Clamps

Are you in need to make scaffolding for the use of repairing your building or home? Do you know what materials you will need to make scaffolding? Setting up of scaffolding needs proper planning and materials to use the scaffolding safely.

Scaffolding must require serious planning before to start the working process so that the security is there. Planning include classifying the hazards, measuring the risks and defining proper control procedures, selecting materials to be used and other important matters in planning. Selecting materials to be used is important so that you can use the proper materials for security.

Clamp is one of the tools needed in construction. This is often use in temporary placing components during woodworking and construction. Clamp comes in various types for many dissimilar purposes. Some are impermanent, which use to place components at the same time setting them together, and some are intentional to be permanent. The clamp has many uses depending to the needs of users.

Scaffolding clamp is one of the types of clamp. The scaffolding clamps are use in fastening device to secure or grip objects firmly together to avoid separation or movement. This is intended to use in scaffolding. This is very important in making scaffolding.

Scaffolding clamps are tools that secure scaffolding because without these there are no holders of the scaffold. The holders of the scaffolding serve as the foundation and support for the stability. It will depend to the stability of scaffolding the security of constructor. You will not risk your life to unsafe scaffolding. Make sure that it is done properly and especially secured.

However, there are scaffoldings with no use of scaffolding clamps. But most of the scaffoldings utilize scaffolding clamps. Those scaffolding that use scaffolding clamps are safer than of with no use of scaffolding clamps. The unsafe scaffolding often use string which serve as holder and supporter of scaffold. They use inappropriate tools for scaffolding which is very wrong. The result of it will not good for every person who is climbing in scaffolding tower. This is the main reason why the scaffolding tower fall down and cause of major accidents. This might happen to you if you don’t have careful planning, proper procedure and proper use of tools for your scaffolding. Thinking about accidents is very sensitive case and you surely don’t want to happen it to you. So, to avoid it know the safety on making scaffolding.

Choosing the materials use in scaffolding must take into considerations. If you have quality materials or tools you are confident that it will give you great value and you know that it is safe to use during construction. The scaffolding clamps are your requirement to have safe scaffolding. It has great quality that will give you confident for your scaffolding might break easily to cause accidents. But you should also know the proper installation of the scaffolding clamp so that there are no problem in the end of your construction of your house.

Additional information

Weight4 lbs
Dimensions6 × 4 × 2 in

Fixed, Swivel