Scaffolding Guard Rail Posts


  • Scaffolding Guard Rail Posts
  • made of steel then Powder coated
  • 1040mm h x 40mm x 2.3mm wall thickness
  • very versatile pole allowing use in the middle or any corner.
  • Braces attach at a knee height and waist height for safety.
  • Get guard rails here.



When Should People See the scaffolding guard rail posts

While workers are busy erecting skyscraper scaffolds, they should also know that their scaffolding guard rail posts is not the only thing that can fail in the erection process. There are the things that workers should avoid in erecting scaffolds. In order for workers to maximize their safety, standard safety commissions come up with the following.

  • Workers can only use scaffolds provided that they have taken some sort of college scaffold degree or attended a relevant training or orientation. Workers especially for beginners should undergo a lot of training before getting on to the scaffolds. If it’s the case, then have the worker supervised by professional or experienced person.
  • Do not think of stepping on to the rails of the scaffold if you are not physically fit. Scaffold workers should be physically healthy and with proper disposition in life to be efficient in erecting scaffolds. It is for this reason that companies require their workers to have medical examinations before deployment. People who fear height should not even think of pulling on the scaffolding guard rail posts
  • Do not use scaffolds when there is a strong wind. There are components that are sensitive to such factors such as the wires and braces. Using of scaffolds in these cases can cause possible accident to workers. It’s advisable to use the scaffold in a fair weather.
  • Do not also attempt to use the scaffolds when there are missing parts. Do not give chance to defective components such as imbalance scaffolding guard rail posts, overused wires and broken braces. Components that are old such as overused joint pins and arm locks and rusty frames should be kept way from the construction site, incomplete scaffolds should bear assign of “not in order”.
  • Do not erect the scaffolds with a height greater than 30 meters.
  • Workers should not use the scaffold without the accordance of a professional person such as an engineer. Study shows that cases of collapses of scaffolds are due to improper cement plastering. Do not limit the scaffold with a number of tiebacks.
  • Do not go on with the erection of the scaffolds when there is no inspection conducted by professionals. Though it’s your source of income, do not risk your life.
  • After the work, dismantle the scaffolds. Always check for the scaffolding guard rail posts.
  • Do not play on with the scaffolds. Do not even think of riding or stepping to on moving components. Moving components are likely to be light and they can be causes of fall accident
  • Avoid multi-tasking when erecting the scaffolds. Making a phone call while erecting the scaffolds is not advisable. As this work\k is critical, it really needs one to be physically and mentally alert.

Though workers are already well trained in using scaffolds, they should also be clear about when is the right time to use the scaffolds. Check everything, from the scaffolding guard rail posts to the braces before getting on the scaffold because it’s worthwhile to be equipped with all the details before taking risks.



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