Scaffolding Hoist and Pulley Wheel


  •  Scaffold 13″ Hoist Pulley & Pulley Wheel Set with Hoist Bracket & Arm Lifting Lowering
  • Heavy duty forged swivel hook with safety clip, Hoist Pulley wheel with safety latch lock
  • Wheel Dual sealed ball bearings with safety latch lock Arm Bracket and wheel
  • attaches to the top of a frame by sliding down over a stack pin and a lower brace assembly fitting snuggly up with a horseshoe pin assembly
  • 360 degree pivot of top swing arm
  • Max capacity 100 lbs.   This unit is for material use only



Scaffolding Hoist and Pulley Wheel

Workers use Scaffolding Hoist and Pulley Wheel to streamline the problem in lifting loads and transport. The hoist and wheel allows the scaffold to be transferred to a desired location for efficiency of scaffold workers. While doing the usual lifting of the scaffold ladders and other components to build skyscrapers, why not prefer hoist and wheels and opt for mobile scaffolds. Here are the advantages of mobile scaffolds over fixed ones.

  1. In terms of safety, scaffold that has Scaffolding Hoist and Pulley Wheel is more advisable to use. In fixed scaffolds, workers usually guard their weight and maintain balance. Aside from the possibility of accidents, they will focus less on their work since they are watching for their safety. Mobile scaffolds are safer to use since it will only require the worker to be seated or stand in the guarded plank while doing their work. In this way, there will be no hassle plus falling accidents are minimized.
  2. Mobile scaffolds top fixed ones when it comes to portability. Since thescaffold hasScaffolding Hoist and Pulley Wheel, it can be easily moved from one location to another. The base wheels allow the scaffold to be moved by just pulling or pushing it. Lifting fixed scaffolds for transfer can cause hassle and it will consume more of the workers time.
  3. Mobile scaffolds are lighter than fixed. The problem of most workers is to include in their task the lifting of heavy ladders and scaffolds. Mobile scaffolds are lighter primarily because they are designed with light materials such as aluminium pipes which are widely known to be light. The scaffold weight problems can require sort of extreme effort from the workers. Mobile scaffolds diminishes effort exertion and at the same time giving them some comfort and safety while pulling or pushing the scaffold.
  4. Traditional ladders and scaffolds usually require only one person to step on the scaffold. Since balance should be strictly maintained in a fixed scaffold, it will likely be difficult for two persons or three to get on and off the scaffold. Mobile scaffolds have wider planks that can accommodate 5 or more person. Since it is spacious, workers can also contain their tools in it and they can work conveniently and efficiently.
  5. Since scaffolds that have Scaffolding Hoist and Pulley Wheels have advantage on the safety and effort of the workers, mobile scaffolds are more productive than fixed scaffolds. Fixed scaffolds always cause workers to be conscious of the possibility of falling and will consume their time in lifting the heavy scaffolds .Sine mobile scaffolds provide a convenient working area for workers and guarantees their safety, they can concentrate working. In this way, their productivity will be increased.

Mobile scaffolds are good recommendations for workers especially to those who want to work with scaffolds in an easier and more convenient way. But we should not entirely rely on these Scaffolding Hoist and Pulley Wheels because the best safety tips are not about the hoists and the wheels; it’s tips that are not needed to be explained to understand.

Additional information

Weight50 lbs
Dimensions19 × 4 × 96 in

Entire Assembly, Replacement Pole, Replacement Pulley Wheel, Replacement Swing Arm