Scaffolding Leveling Jack


  • Scaffolding Jacks  1.375 in OD, 23.5″ high (fits regular #6 tube)
  • jack is 24 inches in height which allows an adjustable range of 18 total inches
  • load rating is 13,013 lbs with a 4-to-1 safety margin. At 18 inches the safe load rating is 8,838 lbs with a 4-to-1 safety margin
  • * Shown Wheels Not Included *

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Scaffolding Leveling jack

Most of the construction works require laborers to get into areas that high beyond the ground. That is why scaffolding is discovered for doing the job safely unlike the ladder which you can’t depend for larger works. Scaffolding let workers or laborers to move at ease in the working area and have the materials reachable without having climbing up and down with ladders.

Having good scaffolding can have also good works of constructions. So, you need good scaffolding so that you can perform your task easily because you can move at ease when you use scaffolding than ladders. Good foundation for scaffolding is depending on its base. The base of the scaffolding needs more attention so you can have good scaffolding.

Before you assemble scaffolding you must already where you can place it. You will choose a secure foundation on which to assemble and put your scaffold. The scaffolding must have strong foundation or base to stay safe anyone who will be used it.

The scaffolding leveling jack is one of the tools or accessories in assembling scaffold. Before you can make scaffolding tower you will start in very beginning which the base. The base is the foundation of whole scaffolding. You must choose and ready the land or support area. You will set appropriate projections and see to it there are no problem with all you needed tools, it should be complete and reachable.

Scaffolding composed of several portions that installed together to give steady and stron support. Before you created the whole scaffolding you will, you will first assemble scaffold frame which contains of square steel. This will connect together so that you can have scaffold frame. The scaffolding leveling jack is part of the scaffold frame. Make sure that it is installed properly to have stong base and support of scaffolding.

In setting up of the scaffolding you will need the scaffolding leveling jack for it is need for your basement assembling. You need to ensure that you use high quality of scaffolding leveling jack to have strong foundation.

Make sure that the scaffolding is stable. By using scaffolding leveling jack you can have stong base and steady support for scaffolding. Constructor of scaffolding must require good quality of scaffolding leveling jack base for the security of anybody who will use the made scaffolding. The scaffolding will not erect properly without the use of quality scaffolding leveling jack.

Scaffolding is really needed for construction that is why the choice of materials in assembling of it must choose with careful concerns. The safety of people who will use it in construction is major concerns in assembling scaffolding. There are safety tips that you can follow so that you can have great and non-threatening scaffolding. The installation of the tools or accessories in scaffolding must be in proper way. Then, before you assemble scaffolding take all the considerations so that you will arrive in good creation. The scaffolding leveling jack is your hand tool that can achieve this good creation.

Additional information

Weight10 lbs
Dimensions24 × 10 × 2 in

Caster Jack, Swivel Jack, Level Jack