Magnesium Feather Edger


  • •Magnesium alloy is lightweight and long wearing
  • •Extrusion shape allows for comfortable finger grip
  • •Tool pitch is controlled with thumb and palm
  • •Used in the plastering trade to plane the brown coat and square up the inside corner angles
  • •4 1/2″ wide Makes it easy to scrape off mud while following a plastering machine.
  • Perfectly balanced for fingertip control.





Stucco Magnesium Feather Edger

Do you want to make every surface of your wall smooth and flatten? If you want to easily scrape off the mud on your wall, you can make use of the Stucco Magnesium Feather Edger. This tool will enable you to remove the mud on a particular surface. Is this tool useful for making the job quickly and with ease?

Stucco Magnesium Feather Edger is useful most especially if you want to make your wall smooth and with good texture. This tool also benefits you in removing all the muds that makes your wall dirty and unpleasing. It is use to float out or skim off the mud through the use of your hand. It makes your job of removing the muds easier while you are following the plastering machine because it is very handy. This tool is very comfortable to be used because your fingertips are fully fitted on it and you can control the pressure of using it on your wall. You can use it with perfect balance.

The extrusion shape of the stucco magnesium feather edger allows you to comfortably grip the tool while you are working on your job. This tool is also used for plastering trade in order to make the brown coat plane and for the corner angles to be squared up. This stool is lightweight so you will not find any difficulty in using it. You can balance the pressure of the force you apply since this tool has its profiled grip that enable your finger and thumb to hold it securely. This tool has also the tool pitch that will enable your palm and thumb to easily scrape off the mud on the surface of your wall.

Stucco magnesium feather edger must be durable so that you would be able to use it effectively. Your tool should be made of a fully magnesium alloy so that it will not be too heavy when used during the process of plastering the surfaces of your wall. It should be made of a high quality element and must be hard so that your work will not be interrupted by the unpleasant malfunctioning of your tool. Make sure that while using this tool, your palm or your fingertips is not oily or wet because if your palm is a bit wet, you will not be able to hold the magnesium feather edger tightly.

Stucco Magnesium Feather Edger is very useful for carpenters and architects in making their projects to be easily done. This tool enables them to create good angles on the edges of the wall. The edges or the corners of your wall will become smoother if your carpenter or architect were able to utilize the appropriate to for making the edges of the inside corners plane and clean. While using this tool, make sure that you will use it with ample care and with control so that the texture of your wall will not be ruined but instead it will be perfectly moulded. This tool is really a great help in order to make every corner and every edge of your house or office clean and smooth.

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4 foot, 6 foot, 8 foot