Self furred Fiberglass Stucco Lath


 Fiberglass lath is a self-furred, nominal 1/8″ thick glass fiber reinforcing lath. This corrosion-free stucco lath is a superior alternative to metal lath and stucco netting for 3/8″ to 1/2″ stucco base applications.

Uses A component of a thick exterior Portland cement plaster stucco application that provides keying and continuous reinforcement for stucco used on vertical wall applications with solid backing. Not for use on soffits or open framing. May also be used as a mortar base for light-weight veneer facing products such as stone veneer.

  • Packaging 39″ x 150 lineal feet (487 square feet) roll in poly bag.
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  • Note: 3.4oz is for 3/8-1/2 thick stucco & 8.8ox is for 1/2-7/8 thick stucco



Stucco Self-furred Fiberglass Lath

Because of the wide thoughts there are many inventions that are created in this century with the support of technologies. There are many inventions   that only man can do. Since, we are in this century of high technology, we almost rely the job with the use of new materials that extensively introduces to us. People don’t want to sacrifice when there is just an easier way to do the job well done. The concrete example for this is altering the materials that usually use by the new one so that the job can do better. In the stucco application the usual use lath is the metal lath. This is the traditional lath that better to use but there is a downside. The disadvantage is you might get wounded and hurt while cutting process, since it is made up of metal. So, companies think of the lath that you will not get wounded. It is fiberglass lath. The stucco self-furred fiberglass lath is one of the good types of fiberglass lath. The good about stucco self-furred fiberglass are the following:

  • Made from fiberglass materials that well-matched with cement and masonry materials.
  • Easy to touch, that is substitute to metal lath.
  • No more cuts and wounds from the traditional metal lath because the stucco self-furred fiberglass is free from sharp-edges.
  • Simple to control and lift due of its gentle weight.
  • Corrosion proof and without harsh.
  • Great for utilization in coastal regions.
  • It has great purpose for stucco coating.
  • Continue the life of the substantial stuff being used to it.
  • Provide sturdy bonds for stucco application.
  • Flexible and durable enough to apply with heavyweight stucco three layered coating.
  • With stucco self-furred fiberglass lath, it will provide great wall and fewer fracturing.
  • It composed of system that benefits constructions.
  • The self-furred strips are made up of rubber foam that provides fitted seal to tacks that gives no problem about moistening.

Reviewing some of good side of the stucco self-furred fiberglass lath, you can assure that it is truly alternative for metal lath. It is effective as the metal lath but you can’t experience blood from cutting because of sharp edges of metal lath. However, fiberglass also needs proper guidance to proper applications. It will also suits to the applicable construction themes. There are many companies introducing different types of lath to the buyers that needs for stucco application. That is why the stucco self-furred fiberglass lath created. This has become experts’ choice than metal lath for many reasons. The innovation of lath is now created by way of fiberglass. Having the new invention tool which considers as a product of wide imaginations of the inventor that boost of high technology is very useful help to the people. There is no wrong trying the products which can help you to do your job efficiently. But you should know the limitations or what the possible outcomes when using the products are. It surely has positive and negative effects. The important is you are aware of these effects. Nevertheless, the stucco self-furred fiberglass lath that isalternative in metal lath is a good choice because it has advantages which are good help and great effect to your stucco construction or installation.

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3.4 oz, 8.8 oz