Steel Scarifier


  • Made of light, flexible spring steel tines makes scratching undercoat easy.
  • 3-Inch tine width
  • Spring steel
  • Steel Scarifies allow a good bond with the finish coat.
  • Available in several size options.
  • Available with 2 handle options.



Stucco steel Plastic Scarifier

Scarifying is a method use to scratch the coating and prepare for the further treatment of the concrete. This method is commonly applied in constructing buildings, houses and other establishments. The tool for scarifying is called scarifier and the best for scarifying is the stucco steel plastic scarifier. This is best to use because of its high quality and durability. It is also comfortable to use because of its plastic handle. You will not get hurt when holding the handle, the ability of the handle to fit in the hand is making the job easily.

Stucco steel plastic scarifier is used by the construction worker to be able to put scratch in the stucco. The scratched stucco is made so that the final coating for the concrete will not able to detach. Scarfier is very important and useful tool especially for preparation for the coatings on the floor and also for epoxy coating. If the place to scarify is a large area, you need to use the scarifier machine. By using the scarifier machine you will be able to get benefits includes the following:

Advantages of Scarifier Machine

  • You can scarify larger area in one day of working.
  • No such vibration resulting to cracking of the floor. In manual scarifying, there is possibility to damage the flooring.
  • Can eliminate upper coating of the concrete floor.
  • Can be used to make the floor rough.

Scarifier machine is applicable to concrete floor, but not essential to concrete wall. So when you scarify, make sure that you have both stucco steel plastic scarifier and scarifier machine. The most portions in the building or house to scarify is the wall so it is very important that you have supply of stucco steel plastic scarifier and you can do your job comfortable because of its great features including:

  • It is made of flexible steel and durable.
  • The weight is light so you can use it comfortable and convenient.
  • With plastic handle that is fitted to grip by the hand.
  • With long tines, can easily scratch the coating plaster.

Scarifier is very important in constructing and furnishing the concrete coating, so it is essential to choose the best and has good quality scarifier. To be able to select the best one, you need to conduct a research in your leading store, it is much better to go in the store personally so that you will be assisted be the store on how and what is the best scarifier.

If you have no time to go in the market, your option is to surf the internet. You can find scarifier in different online stores. There are many online stores you can find in the internet but make sure to prefer to reputable one which can give you more information and can provide you good services. By visiting the internet you will be able to gather important information and help you decide to choose the best one. So what are you waiting for, get now your scarifier and built your home with confidence.

Additional information

Weight.75 lbs
Dimensions12 × 1 × 7 in

8 inches, 12 inches


Plastic, Steel