Masking Film Dispenser


  • Adjustable Masking Film Dispenser-
  • Adjustable dispenser that accommodates a 21″ or 24″ roll of window protection film.
  • This easy to use dispenser straps around the waist with an adjustable strap enabling a single worker to apply window film with ease.
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Window Carpet Masking Film Dispenser

You probably have the perfect stucco colour for your wall or firmly coated roofs. But look down and you may notice an annoying floor. Though you may have probably purchased a window carpet masking film dispenser, it’s a good thing to know the protective steps in installing the carpet film protector for your carpet. If you want the best for your carpet, you would probably consider the following.

  • Have your carpet thoroughly cleaned and spruced up using a vacuum cleaner. Dirts on carpet make your house less aesthetically attractive. Your family may step on to those foot traffics. It can also cause harm, such as stepping on pointed window grill debris or broken bottles. Visitors or welcomed strangers may step on those foot traffics and make some public announcement that you have a messed carpet. Vacuum cleaner removes all the unwanted objects in your carpet. The attachments can remove dust around corners and crawl spaces.
  • You can purchase for a carpet protector in the marketplace. By using sprayers, have these protective fluids over temporary wall. This will safeguard your carpet against unwanted objects that destroy your carpet by repelling them.
  • Before using   your window carpet masking film dispenser, carpet protection film are good carpet protectors. Unroll the film by basing at the edge of a wall. The bane of carpet protection film users is having the reversed side of the film in contact with objects. The back side of the carpet protection film is sensitive and they can be easily wounded by foreign objects. To minimize damage on the reversed side, the ideal way of doing it is to pull it toward you.
  • As you are setting your window carpet masking film dispenser, be careful in rolling and unrolling carpet protection film. Do not harshly handle them. Pull the film from its roll by stretching small distance then gently putting it down. Have the end of the film cut. After cutting, install the film by making a gentle press. Watch out for wrinkles and have them smoothened thoroughly. In adding new carpet protection film to existing films, the recommended overlaps are 3 inches on each new film until the carpet is totally covered.
  • The proper rolling of the carpet protection film should also follows with proper removal. Have the film unrolled by lifting the edge of the film sheet into the corner where you started rolling it. By following the unrolling path, you will likely make some alterations on the original paste bond between the carpet and the film. Slowly lift the edge of the film and have them out of the house. Used carpet film protectors should only be used once. This will also make you use the window carpet masking film dispenser effectively.
  • After removing the film, have the carpet cleaned up by a vacuum to set it back to original state. Spray some dust cleaners.

If you have purchased your window carpet masking film dispenser, make sure that the thing which you are going to use it with is in the best condition.

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Weight5 lbs
Dimensions24 × 8 × 8 in