Window Masking Film / Carpet Protection Film


  • Ideal for protecting windows, carpet and counter tops
  • Reverse wound for easy application by unrolling with the sticky side to the carpet
  • Adhesive backed 2 mil carpet protection film.
  • 30 day ( no residue ) window masking film.
  • Great for professional builders, re-modelers, painters and masonry
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Sold by the case, 4 rolls per case.


  • Adhesive backed 2 mil carpet protection film.

  • 30 day ( no residue ) window masking film.

  • Use for carpet, window, and counter top protection

  • Sold by the case, 4 rolls per case.


Window Masking Film / Carpet Protection Film Creates Ease In Sealing

Window Masking film / carpet protection film will make the masking job so much easier. There seems to be the idea that you cannot paint or texture a finished room with a sprayer. If you use the masking film, you can user the sprayer to apply the texture or finish you want.

Window Masking film / carpet protection film can be used to cover everything. It will seal out the excess paint, texture or dust. It will give a nice smooth finish or edge to your job. It is easier than tape and can cover a wide area at one time. There is very little limit as to what this window masking film can do.

With easy and clean removal at the end of the job, it makes your job complete quickly. There seems to be no end to what Window Masking film / carpet protection film can protect. Completely cover your finished floors, your windows, doors or woodwork that you spent a small fortune on. Get your job done in record time with very little muss or fuss.

As a high density, tear resistant material, Window Masking film / carpet protection film makes even the largest job easy. Having this film to protect your granite or marble as well as all the wood or other surfaces, makes it so much easier to finish the job, to clean up from the job and to create smooth transitions during the job. Window Masking film / carpet protection film will crumble up into a compact ball in order to make clean up easier and less expensive.

The window masking film is a material developed to make not only contractors lives easier but also for the average consumer. It is not as hard to use as shrink wrap. It is a liner that will protect your surfaces until you remove it. Masking film will give you the time and ability to do your job with the ability of a professional. There is nothing like being able to stand back and say “Well done”.

Window masking film combines the use of painters tape and a drop cloth all in one to make using it simpler and faster. There are many uses for it even when not painting or texturing. You can use it to protect paintings, TV’s or valuable antiques. You can use it to seal off windows, an engine or the tires on a car so you can repaint. You can use it to create a dual layer paint job at your work site. Think about it, you can use it to even paint stripes on your wall and not worry about over splatter.

Window masking film helps to reduce cleanup time also as when over spray settles on your flooring or windows you then have cleanup time added. With window film, no cleanup since you simply ball it up into a tight ball and throw it in the trash. There is little if any cleanup when you use masking film. It leaves a nice clean environment when your job is done.

This product is essential when doing stucco or painting.

Additional information

Weight1 lbs
Dimensions10 × 10 × 10 in

Blue, Clear


21" x 600' (4 rolls per case), 24" x 600' (4 rolls per case), 36" x 600' (4 rolls per case)